I was given a project to tackle a brief that was aimed at the theme of dusk. I chose to pick a topic to convey dusk that wouldn’t be so literal, researching a way that I could covey dusk in a different light making it unique and complex. My first instinct was to create a silhouette image of animals that appear at dusk and combine it with photography of landscapes and nature at the time of dusk. However, I decided against this as I felt it was too obvious and not complex enough. I chose to take a different route and started to research things that happen when dusk is due to start. My aim was to make my posters look very abstract therefore I was going to use layered photography, collecting different photos of the animals. The photos would have been layered on top of each other to make it look abstract. When I started to collect images and think of ways in which I was going to create the two posters, I felt it was too minimalistic and had too try something different that was going to be more compound and not so obvious. 

I then started to research flowers that bloom at dusk and felt I could do so much more with this idea. When I researched typographers and illustrators, I came across an artist called Bram Van Haeren and I liked the look of his work as it was something that I wanted to try and aim for. 

I chose to  create the image of the two flowers on Illustrator creating vectors for each one. The two flowers were called Night Blooming Cereus and a Trumpet Vine which I felt had the best shapes to create a design. I also felt the names of the flowers were good to use. When creating the poster, I chose to use colours that were similar to Haeren’s work which were bold and vibrant. After I created the vector of the flowers I felt it looked very flat so I decided to give each petal a gradient. I used an outline of each part of the flower and gave each line a different weight. When the main part of the poster was complete I then started to create the rest of the design filling space around and on top of the flowers. Creating shapes with gradients and placing them effectively. 

As the posters had such vibrant colours and was very busy, I chose to make the typography black and white, that would be very bold and large. I also thought I would include a small text box that told you a bit of information about the flowers and why they were so special for the theme of the poster. 

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